18 Jul 2017

Test Plan

The test plan is the master document about the activities regarding the testing of a certain feature (or another possible subject of testing, e.g., how the system handles a load).

Test plans come in many shapes and forms, but the majority of them have their roots in the test plan document introduced by ANSI/IEEE Standard 829-1983. For my projects I use a simplified version of this. Let’s look at the main sections.

General info



Feature documentation

Test documentation

Things to be tested

Things not to be tested

Entry/Exit criteria

Suspension/Resumption criteria

Other things


Here you describe what you are going to test and how.


Subject of testing Testing approach
Check out with Visa 1. Component testing:
a. Positive testing: card valid + enough balance
b. Negative testing: card is invalid/not enough balance.
2. Integration testing:
a. Integration with Shopping Cart
3. System testing: Search->View book->Shopping cart->Checkout
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